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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Building of My Quilt Studio

Hi Boys and Girls!

We bought the flooring today for the quilt studio.
It is not dark and not light. It is called Butternut.
I took a panel from my sewing table and laid it on each color choice before making my decision.

Have you ever considered buying building supplies from Habitat Restore? The flooring is new. This brand is made in Switzerland.

They also carry the underlayment. That is the cushion between the floor and the foundation. A moisture barrier will be laid down first and then the underlayment and then the floor.
This is all for today. We will be choosing our paint colors, fan, lights, etc., etc., in the upcoming weeks.

Until next time...drip water your trees. Put the hose at the outermost canopy of your trees and let drip for a couple of hours or overnight. If anything is worth saving in your yard, it is your trees. 

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