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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Building of My Quilt Studio

Hi Boys and Girls!

The guys are really moving along. The pier and beams were framed. It took longer than expected. In fact, the crew had to cut their day short. The crew rejected 25 pieces of lumber and the supply company had to bring more out. Each piece of wood was inspected and if it was not straight, it was not used. So, the guys ran out of wood before too long. The next shipment was rejected also. This happened 3 times...I think these guys are proud of their work. They want to do it right.

In the meantime, a moisture barrier was put down. Then pieces of pressed plywood (you will see from the pictures…I am probably using the wrong term…were laid down. A different crew came in and laid insulation on top of that. Today, the framing crew came back and laid the plywood sub-floor. The supply company delivered more lumber and the framing really took off.

The first floor is starting to look like a little house. The door has a window on each side.

The back, under the loft, has 3 windows. Oops…no window on the south side. So, Angel, the crew boss, put a window frame on that side. Double oops…the loft has a stained glass window. Angel looks at the drawing and it is not there.  No problem. Roberto gets the window and Angel measures it and makes room for it in the loft.

This window will be in the loft. I love it!

Trusses go up to support the loft. One huge beam is put to the top by these 4 guys…I mean huge. I know they are young and strong but wow! The weight these guys can lift is mind boggling!

Meanwhile, the temp keeps going up. I supplement their intake of water with more ice, watermelon, apples and cokes. These guys need sugar. It is so cute to see them climbing a ladder eating a hunk of watermelon!

I bet these guys work until dark. Right now they are framing the roof. We will have a tin roof. I will pray for rain once the roof gets put on.

Any suggestions as to skirting around the house? I have seen metal that looks like rock. Roberto wants real rock but that means more $$. What do you think? A lot of the older homes in New Braunfels built on pier and beam has metal skirting but it is really old. If we used metal it would be new and very shiny. Wood? Nope. Attract ants…so, another decision.

Until next time…stay cool and give your pet some quality time…preferably inside the house.

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