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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Building of My Quilt Studio

Hi Boys and Girls!

The saga continues! Now, I know progress will be made...This was delivered this morning....

Then later on, Riley Startz of S&S Concrete of New Braunfels arrived. Riley and Alfonso put the lines out and staked where the piers would go. We are having a pier and beam foundation and not a solid slab.

They were very meticulous in their measurements and I feel confident that the floor will be even and secure.

Riley Startz making sure the lines are plumed before digging the holes for the piers. A Bobcat was used to dig the holes. Lots of rock here.
However, the Quilt Haus is where we had a large garden, so the soil is really good. After Alfonso dug down 12" the nice soil turned to large rocks. Each hole was 18" by 18."
Riley and Alfonso

This is a lot easier than hand mixing cement.
Getting ready to fill one hole.

Alfonso filling the hole that will be a pier. There are 12 to be filled.

Alfonso putting the form into the cement along with the rebar. Piers will set several days.
The framing is next.
Here is a YouTube video showing the technique. Although it is for a porch addition, it gives you a general idea how the process works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1VHbR7W0_M

Until next time...

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