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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Building of My Quilt Studio

Hi Boys and Girls!

Progressing right along...the weather has not hit 100 degrees today! What a shock...I better get a sweater!

They guys are working on the porch today. It looks really nice. It is only 4 feet wide so just enough room for a rocking chair or two!

I am glad they are screwing down the boards instead on nailing them. I also like the way they inspect each board. The porch should be nice and straight.

The porch could have been elimated. That is four feet which could have been a nice little bathroom and maybe a kitchenette. But this house NEEDED a porch!

The noise did not keep our hummer away.

The metal roof is supposed to go on this weekend. Then I will start my "rain dance!"
I will have a nice suprise waiting for me when I arrive home from my quilt retreat! It will really look like a quilt house!

Until next time...call that new neighbor that moved in or better yet, take some homemade bread.  You may have a new friend for life!

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