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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 4 with Bill & Marsha

Hi Boys and Girls:

Day 4. Another fantastic day with Bill & Marsha from Kirkland, WA. My brother is here to wire my quilt studio AKA Casita, for wi-fi and cable.
This is only part of the equipment he brought. Most of it did the trick and he only had to buy some extra little things. I now have wi-fi in the studio and cable for a TV if I so desire. He is a saint!

Marsha did her magic at Bussey's Flea Market today. http://wwwbusseysfm.com
She found me an old wrought iron plant hanger that will go on one of the posts of the quilt studio. Remember the gorgeous hanging planter she made? Well, it can hang from this hanger. Roberto is funking it up a bit before he mounts it on the post.

Of course, I had to make a famous dinner. I am not bragging! They told me this...anyway, I made fish tacos but a bit differently. The fish came from Costco. There was a taste testing last week when I shopped and I knew it would be for tacos. It is called Tortilla Crusted Tilapia. It is "white fish; flaky fillets with tortilla, chipolte & lime crust." Freshly made flour tortillas were a hit (Costco). Now, you tell me, does this look good or what?
The fish is in the background on the foil. I baked it in the convection oven for 15 minutes. The sides to go with the tacos were: tomatillo sauce (Costco), Sadie's hot sauce (HEB), avocados (HEB), Spanish rice (mine!) and chips...Oh, and we had Funf 5 Riesling(Their motto is Fun begins at 5)...oh so good!

After lots of after dinner chatter, we are ready for a movie. Oh, the time is going by too fast!

Until next time...eat fish!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Something Missing in My Old Standby

Hi Boys and Girls!

Sorry for the long sabbatical…I have lots to tell you…especially about my new quilt studio…But this opinion about my favorite restaurant in New Braunfels takes precedence.

My most favorite restaurant has been the Huisache Grill in New Braunfels. I started going there when it was an itsy-bitsy one-room eatery with local paintings on the wall. The charm of the train going by not more than 50 feet away was overshadowed by the exceptional food and service. I would say I have been eating there almost 20 years.

Something is missing. Last night’s meal did not meet my expectations. My guests from Seattle were fascinated by the décor along with the ambiance of the gardens and shops. The wine list is excellent but short on Pacific Northwest wines...to be expected.

However, they too were not impressed with their meal. OK, let’s start with my favorite dish…the pork sandwich. It used to be served on a sourdough bun. Now it is on a typical hamburger bun which is thin and flavorless. The pork would melt in my mouth. Not last night’s sandwich. The pork was tough. How can pork tenderloin EVER be tough? Anyway, the sweet potato fries with it were very good.

My other favorite dish was penne pasta. In fact, I only ordered the above sandwich and the penne pasta in all the years I ate at Huisache Grill. The pasta was al dente and sautéed in olive oil along with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, capers, spinach. It was fresh and the flavor outstanding. Two orders of that same dish came to our table last night. Gone is the olive oil replaced with a white sauce. Something is missing…it was not the same. One guest ordered it with chicken. The chicken was a jokingly small piece that was hardly worth $5 extra. Too much white sauce and too many tomatoes…Scratch that off my favorite list.

And the final blow...who serves outstanding chocolate cake with ice milk? It is almost un-American to live in Texas and not serve Blue Bell ice cream.

I must say the Hogue wine was excellent. The server Jessica was very accommodating.

So what is it? Am I really getting too particular or too set in my ways? I think not. You know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That certainly applies to restaurant fare. And it certainly applies to Huisache Grill.

In the meantime, continue to expect great things from restaurants that have become legendary…the old standby should be just that…dependable and a cut above the rest. Come on Huisache...get back to your legendary standard...you can do it!

Until next time, kiss the cook.