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Friday, October 2, 2009

Not Too Late to Plant for Fall

Hi all you procrastinators out there! Yes, I mean you...and me! If you have not planted your fall garden do not fret. You still have time to plant some veggies. Remember from a previous post about counting the days to harvest. If you plant something that takes 70 days to harvest, it will probably freeze. However, Mother Nature being what she is, you may get lucky. So here are some items you could plant now.
  • Swiss chard
  • broccoli
  • collard greens (really good sauteed with onions, bacon and a little basalmic vinegar)
  • onions
  • garlic
  • radish
  • And if the weathers cools, try carrots, endive turnips (if you can tolerate them) and spinach.
What? You did not get that raised bed made? Chill....plants in pots. Be sure to add compost and keep them in the sun and close to water. One year, I got a bag of really good potting soil, like Gardenville or Lady Bugwww.ladybugbrand.com/ and I slit the top in which I planted about 4 veggie plants. The bag was in the sun and they produced! So, anything is possible. BTW...Gardenville has really good soil and compost. This is a great site to learn a lot about gardening. http://www.gardenville.com/

Not only is this a good time to garden but it is a good time to plan. I am planning a sewing/quilting studio in my back yard. I have lots of space and if I lose any plants they will be the Flame Acanthus! http://www.wildflower.org/plants/result.php?id_plant=anquwBelieve me, this plant will come back. It is a great hummer magnet. Anyway, back to the quilting studio. I am thinking it could be about 16' by 20' or maybe a tad bigger. It all depends on the plans. It will face east to capture a lot of morning sun. The door will face west. One wall will have no windows. In that area will be shelving for fabric hidden by a sliding design wall. This is still in the planning stages so any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

I started yet another quilt project. It is called Pieceful Nights: A Sampler Quilt. Oak Leaf Quilts here in New Braunfels is offering this project. oakleafquilts.com The deal is you pay for your first block and bring it in the following week finished. Then you get the next block free. The quilt is not entirely free but it is darn cheap! Here is the block.
If you find any mistakes, let me know...and let me know gently! This weekend I will be working on two other applique blocks...of course, Birds of a Feather is an ongoing project.

Piece something! Grow something! Make homemade bread!


  1. You are WAY better at that than I am! I have never attempted anything complicated like that. Maybe someday...

  2. Shawn:
    Gardening with a plan is sort of like making an errand list. Make a list of what you like and eliminate those things that have a long growing time. Now if you are talking about the quilt block, I made lots of mistakes before I took that picture!