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Friday, October 16, 2009

Quilter's Nirvana...or close to it!

You see the glazed look on a guy that is eying a Harley...or the far-off look one gets when watching a thing of beauty (male or female) pass by...Well, now picture 50,000 crazed women with the gleam in their eyes that convey determination, skill, lust and a hard cold cash ( or better yet, plastic)! Yes, it is that time of year again in Texas. The International Quilt Festival held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas! Our local quilt shop, Oak Leaf Quilts http://www.oakleafquilts.com/ provided the luxury bus for the 3-hour drive to Houston. We had a "bus Mother" who provided pastry and juice (we had to meet at 6:45 am sharp!) and door prizes and most important, made sure the same people left Houston who started in the morning. Johnny, our driver was a really good driver in the morning fog. He made record time and did not get lost!

Sure, we all come to see winning quilts especially the Best of Show $10,000 prize winning quilt.

Copyright Houston Int.Quilt Festival, 2009
Jaw-dropping gorgeous! It almost looks like a photo. Millions of stitches and half that in hours spent creating this work of art.
There is a world of  beauty in these quilts for they come from Japan, Australia, Spain, China and United States just to name a few. Yes, we almost reach nirvana when gazing upon such beauty. We almost can fly!

Copyright Houston Int. Quilt Festival, 2009

Along with a week of classes with world-renowned instructors, the Festival also provides FREE Demonstrations during the day and into the early evening all week long.

With 950 vendors, quilters and non-quilters alike can find just the right tool "that is too cute" or  a "must have." How about an iron that steams wrinkles out of fabric but does not iron? Or jewelry made from porcelin china? Who could resist the 2-ft size true-to-life Panda?

We can stock up on thread, books, patterns, fabric, test drive new machines (and sometimes buy demos) and even get a massage. Let's face it...we have a ball!

If vintage linens or quilts are your downfall, there are many booths offering such. Who knows? You may be stimulated to make an art quilt using lots of buttons like these adorned turtles!
Copyright Houston Int. Quilt Festival 2009
So save the date for next year. November 4-7, 2010. If you would like to see more winning quilts, go to http://www.quilts.com/

Don't quilt? Bake some cookies, make some bread, pull that weed...oops, don't do it...it is blooming!

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