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Monday, September 28, 2009

Persistance Pays Off

It pays to be diligent. Recently, I visited my brother Bill in Bothell, WA. Before leaving I was introduced to TJ Max by my SIL. What a store! Well, I found a hard-side suitcase in bright red that was labled  24."
Sweet. I could buy more stuff to bring home. At the airport, the curbside check-in attendant immediately said, "That bag is too big." I reminded him that I just bought it and the tag said 24." So, he suggested I follow him inside the terminal and we will try it out. Well, sure enough...they guy put my suitcase in the template case and it would not go in. No problem. I paid the $15 and was on my way back to Texas.

Well, something just bothered me about that circumstance. The tag said 24" so it should have fit. I paid an added fee because the tag was wrong. So, by the time I reached Texas, I had a plan. I would take the suitcase back for a refund but in addition, I would get a gift card for $15 that would reimburse my baggage charge. Easier said than done.

I had no problem getting my refund for the suitcase. Luckily, I had saved the tag with 24" clearly marked on it. But when I asked for the $15 gift card (I also had the receipt from Alaska Airlines) the salesperson backed away, put her hands to her chest, and said, "That's not my job. I cannot do that." So, I asked for the manager. Not in. OK, what is his number. Then the assistant manager came out. I explained the whole scenerio to her. Hands to chest, backed up, got wide-eyed and said, "I am not authorized to do that. Let me give you the manager's name. Rob." OK, so I call Rob and never reach him. So, I am given the district manager's phone number, Mr. Santos.

So, I call Mr. Santos, the district wide manager....many times. Never in. However, I told the story again to Pam who is an assistant manager at the Bandera TJ Max off of 1604. She said she would convey my story to Mr. Santos and call Rob at The Forum. Days go by. I call Pam again and she has not heard from district manager nor Rob. She suggested I call Rob at TJ Max again and explain it to him. Wait...isn't Mr. Santos Rob's boss? Doesn't he have more authority than Rob? It made sense to me.

Apparantly, it made sense to Pam too. She said she will issue the $15 gift card at her Bandera TJ Max. I just have to go pick it up. Hey, guess at which store I will be spending my money? Pam has class.
Thanks Pam and Thanks TJ Max!

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