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Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Thai Restaurnt in Town

A new restaurant opened in town. Our first Thai restaurant! Those of us that love Thai food were so excited about this momentous event. Well, the opportunity came about for a group of Master Gardeners to eat there.

Sarika Thai Gourmet is only about one month old and no web site as yet. You can http://www.google.com/ this restaurant and read two reviews.
There is an extensive menu. Lunch is served Mon-Sun from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Dinner is served Mon-Sat from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Sarika's also offers delivery service. Handicap accessible.
There are 19 selections for lunch in which you can choose beef, pork or tofu for $6.50. If you prefer seafood combination, pay $7.50. All lunches come with steamed rice or fried rice, egg roll and soup of the day. Dinner prices range from $9.95 for beef, pork or tofu and $12.95 for seafood or combination.

The soup served was Tofu Vegetable soup and everyone enjoyed it. Meal selections are ordered numerically but heat index is not indicated. For instance selection could be rated with one red star * for mild heat, ** for medium heat and *** ultimate heat. We were not asked about heat preference. Hence, a couple of guests felt the food was bland. There was a container of a spicey condiment on the table but it had no smell and no one used it. Bottled Asian hot sauce was brought to the table.

Lunch choice #6 Pad Ka Pow, stir fried with basil mixed with green chili and onions, was considered very good by one guest. One comment was the egg roll became soggy from being on the same plate as the main course. The food was steaming upon arrival.
Selection #12, Pad Egg Plant Basil with black bean sauce, came with no egg plant. It was highly seasoned with fresh jalapeno. The cook may have confused #12 with #6 which calls for green chili. However, green chili is not fresh jalapeno. The waitress gladly replaced the dish and the guest was happy.
Selection #5, Pad Pug with mixed vegetables and brown sauce (vs oyster sauce) was considered "bland" by the guest. However, the tea was voted to be very good and very generous.
There was a distinct odor of Ben Gay or other pain relieving salve. It permeated the entire dining room. The menu does not indicate use of MSG. When asked, the owner stated that MSG is in the soy sauce and the oyster sauce. The decor is modern and very crisp and clean. The atmosphere was very enjoyable with table linens and waitresses in native clothing. There is a bar with wine but no wine is on the menu. Possibly they are waiting for their license.

Overall, everyone enjoyed their meal. They all said they would return. Two people had enough left over for a take-out container. If you do not eat fried foods, this restaurant may not suit you. This is the nature of Thai food. They do have salads on the menu. Child's plate choices are fried chicken or fried shrimp.
Please send your comments if you have eaten here.
Sarika Thai Gourmet
263 Loop 337, New Braunfels, TX 78130

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