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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grilled Brussel Sprouts Revisited but with Califlower

Good Morning, Boys and Girls!

Remember the story about Brussel Sprouts? Maybe, if you are like me, you skipped it because of your ultimate distaste of this little veggie. Well, I do hope some of you tried my recipe. It made a believer out of me! Remember, it will probably taste better if you use organic sprouts and fresh garlic. Also, use good quality olive oil. If any of you tried another oil, let me know. I have been told grapeseed oil is good for cooking.

OK, now here is another first for me. I tried the same procedure with califlower! Yes, the dreaded veggie that I could smell cooking a mile away! The minute I walked into my house from school, I knew what Mom had prepared for dinner. Oh gosh! The horror stories about trying to get me to eat this...and the agonizing stand-off at the dinner table until I finally ate one bite!

Well, have no fear. I tried this and I am a califlower convert!

One head of califlower, washed and divided into flowerettes...pat dry
olive oil
fresh garlic or garlic spray

Pat dry the flowerettes and place in a shallow dish.
Pour olive oil and garlic over them. Stir to lighly coat each piece.
Place califlower flowerettes on broiler pan lined with foil or a cookie sheet with sides.

Place in broiler. I set the broiler about 4" from heat so I could watch it and prevent burning.
Broil turning flowerettes often and pouring leftover olive oil as needed.
When the califlower has a nice color they are probably done.


Let me know how you like this. Believe me, I thought I was never going to eat califlower again! But, this is just too good to avoid! Now bring on a good steak or pork roast, a nice Riesling and enjoy!

Until next time...be daring...try a food you absolutely hate. Grill instead of boiling or steaming and taste the sweetness!

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