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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life Sure Does Get in the Way....

Hi Boys and Girls!

Boy! I cannot believe I have been away so long! I am sure you all, I mean, y'all missed me! You will be pleased to know I am still alive and kicking...mostly kicking! Besides my commitments to Master Gardeners, quilt guild, adorable husband, even more adorable daughter, I have finally committed to building a new quilting studio. So, as this progresses, I will post pictures. As of today, the old one is no more and my supplies are now in the garage covered with drop cloths! So, if I want to work on something I have to try and remember where I put it in the garage!

Anyway, I had to share my new recipe with you. I discovered this absolutely delicious tomatillo sauce at Costco costco.com I wish you could buy this online but you cannot. It is in the refrigerated section.
It looks like this. Really cute name. Anyway. this is what I did with it. BTW, this would be good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I had leftover flank steak that was shredded for tacos, but you could use leftover chicken, salmon or pork.
  • Spray your pan with Pam or other nonstick pan. I personally use cast iron skillets. You know the reason. No toxins and the iron is good for you. Anyway, let's get on with the recipe.
  •  Break up 1-2 corn torillas in the pan. (OK, I will leave you alone about choosing corn tortillas GMO free. Happy now?)
  • Stir the corn tortillas until a bit brown.
  • Add the meat.
  • Pour the tomatillo sauce over the tortillas and meat.
  • Cook on low until warmed.
  • Break 1 or 2 farm-fresh eggs on top of this mixture. Add salt and pepper.
  • Turn heat down to low and cover pan.
  • Cook to your desired "doneness" of eggs. I like sunny side up...
  • Enjoy!

  • Yes, I added 3 eggs!

  • Doesn't this look good? If it does not look good to you it is because you see my foot in the picture! Please give this recipe a try. I had lots of meat lefover so I made enchiladas.

  • Maybe this picture will convince you!
  • Until next time, call a friend or family member that you have not talked to for a while. Just say, "I missed hearing your voice." You will make their day!

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