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Sunday, September 5, 2010

West Virginia, Welcome Home, Mountain Mamma...

Hello Boys and Girls:

I am back after a brief hiatus. It has been a long, hot summer but not as bad as last year. True, last year we lost 5 trees and most of our roses. Before the drought, we even had a flood! So, I really cannot complain too much about this summer. I played it smart and only planted herbs, basil and tomatoes.

Did I tell you about my 4-day quilt seminar with Harriet Hargrave? http://www.harriethargrave.com/
It was very intense and I learned so much.
I actually learned how to quilt feathers and so much more.
Harriet and her daughter have published a series of quilting books called Quilter's Acadamy. Each publication is like a year in college...Freshman, Sophomore, etc. This is a GREAT BOOK! I highly recommend this series, starting with Vol. 1 for the novice quilter and the seasoned quilter to learn and refresh our skills. Go to http://www.amazon.com/ or Harriet's web site.

Now, back to the title of this blog...I am in Lexington, VA. It is not really West Virginia but I think of John Denver and his song Take Me Home, Country Roads. http://www.johndenver.com/music/music.html
My daughter moved here with her husband and had a baby two weeks ago. I had to fly from Austin to Charleston, South Carolina first.

That was on a CRJ900. Great plane but I did not feel comfortable with the name Bombadier.
The flight from Austin to Chaleston was smooth and very fast. In Charleston, I changed planes (still on US Airways) for Roanoke, VA. The Charleston terminal is a nightmare. First of all, I could not get the hang of the southern accent. And they talk so fast! I really thought I was in another country. It almost became hysterical, especially after the announcement, "Would the person who left their garage door opener at the ticket counter please come back and pick it up." That is not the only thing lost and announced...someone left their cell phone in the woman's restroom and someone left a "green and white" suitcase at the ticket counter. Well, I finally asked a military guy what was being announced about my flight boarding and he said he could not understand the announcement but was going to just follow the crowd and ask when he got to the gate. So, I followed him...to this CRJ 900.  This is when the word "Bombadier" really bothered me. It was so small, we loaded on the tarmac. We only flew at 14,000 feet. The attendant
did not use a microphone. She said, "If y'all want anything to drink, just let me know." She sat down, buckled up and we were off.  Forty-five minutes later I landed in Roanoke, VA.After another 45 minutes I arrived in Lexington, VA and was greeted by my daughter and baby Isaac Henry Haas. Now, you tell me...was the trip worth it? Was reading this tedious story justification for this final picture?
You are so right!! Yes!

Until next time, rock a baby to sleep (young or old baby), whisper sweet words to someone you love and
take a chance every now and then.

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