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Friday, June 11, 2010

It All Started With Asparagus!

Hi Boys and Girls!

Yes, that delish veggie asparagus started the whole thing: What to make for dinner?

That age-old question pops up every day. Well, today was no different. However, I did have asparagus in the fridge.

I went to Costco the other day and discovered fresh asparagus from Washington State. You read this web site and you will do what I do...buy all I can and freeze it for winter recipes. http://www.washingtonasparagus.com/ I knew it would not be available for long so I bought a big package. That evening I steamed some to go with grilled salmon. Oh so good! OK, what to do with the rest....

  • So, today I boiled two eggs, chopped them and chilled in fridge;
  • opened a can of chicken breast meat (from Costco) drained of course;
  • cut up leftover spaghetti pasta into small pieces;
  • sliced fresh tomatoes from the garden; and,
  • I steamed the asparagus and cut into 1/2 inch slices;
  • All this got tossed with 1 head of Rommaine lettuce, roughly chopped.

The finishing touch was my homemade dressing:
  • 2 TBLS of Kirkland Extra Virgin olive oil http://www.costco.com/
  • 2 TBLS of rosemary garlic vinegar (my own)
  • Whisk until creamy and pour on salad.
Oh man what a treat!

Of course, a glass of Clean Slate was the perfect wine for this dinner. This wine comes from Mosel Valley, Germany. Water rushing over slate gives this wine a unique, fresh taste. It is somewhat hard to find. When you do find it, buy a case and let me know about it!

I didn't even need bread although fresh bread from The Groumage in New Braunfels would have been fabulous. http://gourmagetx.com/  They will bake the bread for you 30 minutes before you arrive to pick it up. Oh, it is so good you may just add butter and eat it all before dinner...that is, if the bread makes it home!
Oh, have you tried their fresh blueberry scones?

So, there you have it...a dinner based on one key ingredient...a veggie!
When you hit your farmer's market Saturday, keep an open mind. It only takes one ingredient to be the base of a great meal. Be open to something new and different. Beets? Oh my...have you grilled these yet??

Until next time, keep your hummingbird feeders fresh. Those hummers are on the move and building nests. They are hungry!

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