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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wine Tasting Party

Hi Boys and Girls!

Tonight I had a wine tasting party hosted by Traveling Vineyards. http://www.thetravelingvineyards.com/

Holly did a great job describing each of the six wines we tasted. I made foods that go along with those wines. It is a "girls night out" type of event and always a lot of fun. The wall and front steps were decorated with luminarias courtesy of my hubby, Roberto. It was pretty and it gave people a good vantage point to our house.

The hit of the night was the chorizo sausage balls with chipolte raspberry sauce...or maybe it was the truffles from France...no wait...everyone seemed to love the artisan bread with brie...oh never mind. All the food was good!

Bonnie, Debbie and Patsy look like they have empty glasses.

If you want to have a fun evening with your gal pals,
give a wine tasting party with The Traveling Vineyard.

Have a great weekend. Quilt something! I know that I am!

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